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The Charles Rice family, circa 1926.

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This family history site is dedicated to four main families. My dad's side: Smith and Rice (main surnames are: Smith, Rice, Petersen, Linebrink, Kennel, Hughes, Dickey, Castor, Myers, Severns, King, Haynes, Church, Wineland, Stone, Crowell, Peck, Tracy, Nickerson, Williams and Snow) and my Mom's side: VanHaelewyn and Pudlo (main surnames are VanHaelewyn, Van de Poele, Pudlo and Kielbasa). My ancestors on the Smith side originate from Schleswig, Denmark and the Rices were from England, then Kerry, Ireland. My moms VanHaelewyn family comes from Klerken, Belgium and the Pudlo's were from the small village of Lubno, Austria.

Dominic and Mary Pudlo, circa 1965
Dominic and Mary Pudlo, circa 1965

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Thank you for taking a moment to check out my Family Tree. I've had (and am still having) a lot of fun "treasure hunting" for documents, information and especially old pictures about our family. Anyone that knows me is aware of my love for investigation and I started working on the family tree many years ago, taking over for my great aunt, cousin and dad. Along the way I have met dozens of new cousins I didn't know I had and their generosity with information and pictures over the years has been greatly appreciated. -Andrew Smith

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Feature Articles

feature 1 H ans Smith Family History The story of Hans and Kjesten Veien Smidt, who were the first Smith's to arrive in America from Denmark in 1881 and were my third great grandparents.

J ohn H. Smith Family History The story of Hans and Kjesten's son, John, and his family who settled in Chebanse, Illinois.

C hristopher Petersen Family History The story of Mary Petersen Smith's family arriving in 1885 and settling in Chebanse, Illinois. Mary was John's wife.

G eorge H. Smith Family History The story of John's son, George and his Ohio native wife, Myrtle and his large family of 17 children.

J ohn I. Smith Family History The story of my grandparents, John and Dorothy Rice Smith and his family from Chicago.

feature 2 N otable Ancestors and Unusual Deaths There are many notable, famous and interesting ancestors in our family as well as many out of the ordinary deaths.

Rice Family

J onathan Rice Family History The story of Jonathan Rice and his eventful life including fighting in the War of 1812, marrying twice and having a total of twenty children.

T homas J. Rice Family History The story of Jonathan's son, Thomas, who came to Illinois from Indiana at a young age and married New York native Alice Haynes.

C harles M. Rice Family History The story of Thomas' son and Spanish American War veteran, Charles, and his family of eight children-including my grandmother.

VanHaelewyn and Pudlo Families

feature 3 V anHaelewyn Family History Settling in Chicago, the Desire' and Eliza VandePoele VanHaelewyn family arrived in America from Belgium on August 25, 1910 on the Mauretania. Their son was my grandfather, Val.

P udlo and Kielbasa Family History The story of the Pudlo and Kielbasa families. Coming to America from Lubno, Austria between 1906 and 1913 and eventually settling in Joliet, Illinois and parts of Wisconsin and Indiana.

King and Church Families

feature 4 W illiam M. King Family History The eventful life story of my great, great grandparents William and Clara Church King. A widower at age 44, he was postmaster of McLean County, CIA employee, restaurant owner...and accidental arsonist!

  G eorge Church Family History The story of prominent McLean citizen, postmaster, insurance salesman and constable George Church and his family.

Linebrink Family

L udwig Linebrink Family History The story of my fourth great grandfather and German immigrant Ludwig Linebrink and his five children, three of which served in the Civil War. They were known as some of the first settlers of Defiance, Ohio.

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